Different Types of Billboards

Billboards come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.   Everything from a 4' x 8' sign reminiscent of the old "Burma Shave" boards, to massive 14' x 48' structures.   Some are built with multiple wooden poles, while others are steel monopoles.   Some billboards are single face displays - others are stacked back-to-backs or vees.

While there are many different types of billboard structures, they all serve one main purpose - to display your advertisment so potential customers will see and respond.

So why are there so many different types?

The answer is simple:   So you will have a choice!   We serve a diverse group of advertisers that often have very different goals and budgets.   We provide a variety of billboard structures so that you can always find something that is perfect for your needs.

Billboard Sizes

We offer billboards in many different sizes, but here are several standard designs:

Billboard Photo - TDA-2B
Billboard Photo - TPO-11A
Billboard Photo - THU-17B
Billboard Photo - TSH-2AB
Billboard Photo - TCH-3AB
Billboard Photo - TSC-1

Billboard Construction

The other thing that differentiates billboards is the type of structure

that holds up the sign.   Here are the four main types of construction:

Billboard Formats

Billboards also come in a variety of formats or styles.  Here are some that we offer:

Billboard Photo - TPO-9
Billboard Photo - THU-20AB
Billboard Photo - TSC-9AB
Billboard Photo - OTX-12B
Billboard Photo - TOC-8AB
Billboard Photo - OTX-16B
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